When Bobbie Daluz moved to Baja CA in 2016, it became clear early on that there was an endless need to rescue puppies. As Bobbie started to help rescue puppies, her love and passion grew leading to one rescue after another.

When a litter is found, the first step is to take them directly to Dr. Jorge’s veterinarian team. There each puppy and when possible the mama, is thoroughly evaluated for illness, parasites, and other health concerns. The pups and mama receive vaccinations and medical treatment as needed. Our goal is to get everyone healthy and then spay/neuter them. 

When they leave the "PICU" (Puppy Intensive Care Unit), they head to the "Nursery", a beautiful facility located on Bobbie's Ranch where they stay for a few days or several weeks. This is the perfect environment for the pups to grow, gain weight, strength, and recover from any medical issues they may have had. 

Once healthy and well, the pups make their trip up to "The Playground" in San Diego (Mission Bay Puppy Rescue) where they are welcomed by the Nipper Family.  The Nipper's have been adopting puppies to new families for over 25 years. Once at the "The Playground",  the pups are ready to be introduced to their families who have been carefully and lovingly chosen just for them!

Pups'N Boots became an official 501c3 in 2019.

Mission Statment

Our mission is to rescue mothers, pups and orphan litters from unsafe conditions. We will provide necessary vet care, spay/neuter, rehabilitation, and adopt to loving families.